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  • Synchron Woodwinds - a couple of questions

    Hi all,

    Just integrating my new Sychron Woodwinds into my template. All going fine, I just have a couple of issues/questions:

    1. They're VERY quiet! Substantially below the level of my SE+ woods. Accident, design, limitation of recording methodology or user error? I'm trying to work out what I might have changed (CC7 being the obvious cuplrit) but can't find anything obvious.

    2. Does reducing the level of reoom reverb to 0 remove this from the processor load? Is there any way to automate the on/off switch, and the ER size etc of the controls within the reverb unit itself? Because I run my orchestral template in VE Pro, I use Cubase to send things like mic levels (in my Spitfire libraries for example) at the start of each cue - this might seem labourious, but once you've set this all up once it's easy to copy and then modify things on a 'per cue' basis. 

    Thanks for the help/advice.


  • Hi Mike,

    1. Make sure to pull up the master volume fader in the Synchron Player. All Synchron Series isntruments are volume matched via this fader, but as soon as you pull it up it should be very similar to the classic VI version.

    2. I'm not sure regarding CPU load and currently are not able to test this myself, but I would suggest to use the IR bypass button instead. If my memeory is correct you can automate the bypass and the dry/wet ratio. Please be aware that the efault panning is still applied as long as an IR impulse is loaded.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks Ben!