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  • dramatic release

    Hi,  How do I get a dramatic release sound with VSL solo violin?  I've tried various volume changes and articulations, but I can't seem to get the sound I want.  Any help will be much appreciated.


  • Did you do it? help me

  • What do you mean by "dramatic release?" Fortissimo?  

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    @jasensmith said:

    What do you mean by "dramatic release?" Fortissimo?  

    I mean that moment when a piece is finished and the violinist digs in for the final note, plays it, then releases it and raised his bow.  I haven't found it yet -- still trying.  Thanks.

  • I think you mean "crescendo" and if you are using any Special Edition product you don't get crescendo unfortunately.  You won't be able to do anything except slowly increase the volume slider (expression) of the instrument you are recording.  It's frustrating but it's not impossible as I have done it.

    If you look at the Standard versions of any of the instrument libraries you will see you only get crescendo and diminuendo as part of the "Full Library" purchase.  You of course get many other controls and articulations in addition with the full library.

    Either way I love VSL's sound quality.  I currently own the VI SE Vol 1 Essential Orchestra and plan on adding more VSL.

  • I don't have the SE edition but you can't use Velocity Cross fade? Are there not enough Velocity layers in the Forte Fortissimo range to make a crescendo? The EXP fader is for smoothing out abrupt volume fluctuations when using Vel XFAd.