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  • Multiple Synchron Piano instances in Nuendo 10 : strange behavior.


    I opened three instances of the Steinway (on three tracks) in a project. When I open Nuendo and load the project, I lose the presets name of two instances, and get a additional channel strip in one instance !

    To lose the preset name in use is very annoying.

    And the additional channel strip in the Synchron mixer is just a Nuendo / Steinberg thing ? (I never get this in's the first time I see it...)



    Gabriel Plalame

  • Hi Crystal, 

    Which OS are you working on, and which version of Nuendo and Synchron Player are you using?

    Please send some screenshots and ideally also the Nuendo project to, so we can take a look. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi, Paul, thanks for the quick response.

    Ha, you’re right : I just realize that my Synchron Pianos player is not the last one : I see in the plug.

    It’s now 1.1.1413 right ?

    (I’m using Windows 10, I’ll show all my technical specifications in my signature ASAP.)

    Well, I have to say that I love that company but, some thing is cruelly missing : an update tool, like other companies have, to ‘update-in-one-clic-all-products-you-have-manuals-read-me.txt-and-everything-included !’

    It’s not realistic to check all this all the time by ourselves, isn’t it ?

    Maybe I’m lazy, (or totally corrupted by other companies) but I don’t even know how to update.

    Really, I say it with all the respect I have for my favorite company, we can’t loose our time like this.

    I’m supposed to work with your wonderful library, and I’m now on the Web trying to know how to keep my favorite tool up to date…

    Gabriel Plalame

  • Hi Gabriel, 

    Thanks for your reply, and I agree: It's a good time to introduce something like a "Vienna Manager". 

    I hope I can announce more news about this in the coming months.

    For now, all software updates for your registered products can be found in one play, MyVSL


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for your reply Paul.

    Ha ! I realized  that… my Nuendo wasn’t updated too…

    After more than ten hours using them, no troubles.

    And, hey, a Vienna Manager…

    You’ll make many happy users, with this.

    Exactly what we need.

    (I also think that a help button in each plugins is very useful, instead of a separate PDF manual, but it’s another topic.)



    Gabriel Plalame

  • Hi Gabriel, 

    So many ideas - we will get to all of them!!

    For online manuals: Check out!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL