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  • Yes this seems to be happening to me.. i found if i open VEpro server first then do a file open. i have more luck if that sheads any light on things.. 

  • Yeah, I'm seeing the same behavior here too...

    This is really weird...

  • I see this all the time on one of my machines.  Never does it after a fresh computer restart....but loading a file a second time is 50/50 if it will freeze or not.  Then I have to force quit in task manager and try again.  Sometimes it can take 4 or 5 tries before it finally fully loads.  It does always get stuck in the same spot so I suspect it is aparticular plugin.

  • Hi,

    If you can find a way to reproduce this scenario, we can at least point to the culprit... any step-by-step instructions / samples (as described above) and setup information will be helpful:!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Is there no trick available to somehow bypass something in VE Pro to allow the files to open , for ex- without audio? It seems like we need a protocol to be able to look inside a stuck file so we could at least bypass the culprit. Otherwise, with large templates especially, if any ONE company changes something, it kills an entire sound library. Wow. Thats a true aqxuiles heel is it not?

  • Hi toodamnhip, 

    It is mostly the dynamic loading processes that get in the way of each other, and VE Pro cannot influence that, being "just" the host. 

    The plug-in standards / names etc are VERY rarely changed... none of your sequencer projects would open those plug-ins, no matter where they are hosted. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Same issue on my system. Every few days my template freezes while trying to open. It is completely inconsistent and happens at different stages.

    Best of luck!

    VEPro 7 latest version, on the new Mac Pro 16-core 160 RAM, macOS Big Sur.

  • As a long time user and Fan, For me, if VE Pro wants to be a truly DEPENDABLE hosting format, it needs to forget what is "possible", and instead, realize that users desperately need CERTAINTY that One stupid sub program cannot FREEZE an entire template. So, VE Pro needs to build into its capabilities a diagnostic tool of some sort.

    There are many possible levels to this:

    It can be a timed out based approach, where if VE Pro does not hear back from a program that's trying to load it will bypass and move on.

    It can be a special opening mode where audio is shut off allowing a user to see which programs aren't loading and bypass them before turning on the audio aspect back on. And it can be many other approaches, all equating to isolating any hanging VI, bypassing it, and NOT HANGING!

    I am not a programmer, I do not care one iota about programmers or their "needs" or "limitations" I care about what end users NEED.

    As of this moment, VE Pro is an extremely vulnerable program to rely on for the sole source of one's orchestral or VI library. It is subject to the weakest link of any 3rd party VI that goes retarded. If you have 60 VIs, realize that any one of their "updates" can potentially sink Vienna and therefore one's whole template or song.  If Toontrack screws up its naming protocol like once happened to me, VE Pro is sunk. If ever problematic Mach 5, with its low IQ method of searching for its sounds can't find its brain when trying to load, 99 other working VIs can ALL be stopped dead in their tracks. Terrible terrible terrible! 

    This is the REAL #1 issue users need addressed. I believe it can be done. It starts with a no excuses attitude and THREE- realizations:

    1) that VE Pro is extremely vulnerable.

    2) That it is completely unacceptable for any one malfunction of a VI to stop the entire template from loading. 

    3) That something CAN be done about it.

  • Just wanted to chime in and say that this same thing is happening to me. Not sure if this will shed any light on the situation, but here are my findings:

    I run two iMacs (both on Mac os 11.4) with VEPro 7. I use EW composer cloud on both machines. EW released their new Opus sample host/engine a while back. I installed Opus on one of my iMacs, but not the other. The only hangs/beach balling I get when loading are on the machine with the Opus software installed. The computer without Opus loads perfectly 100% of the time. 

    EW released an opus update recently, so I'll see if that helps. Anyway, posting this here on the off chance that it helps us figure out what is causing the hang.

  • January 2023, same problem, not addressed by VSL. Massive template, lovingly created, now tripping up over a Kontakt plugin. VSL DO something about this - it disqualifies you as a serious tool. I'm in the middle of a Netflix project and cannot load my orchestra - it's simply not good enough to say 'VEP is just a host so contact your third party plugin provider'. You need a timeout-and-move on from non-functioning plugins so that the template can be loaded! Why don't you have that???

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    @toodamnhip said:

    This is the REAL #1 issue users need addressed. I believe it can be done. It starts with a no excuses attitude and THREE- realizations:

    1) that VE Pro is extremely vulnerable.

    2) That it is completely unacceptable for any one malfunction of a VI to stop the entire template from loading. 

    3) That something CAN be done about it.

    Ditto to all of the above.  Because of VSL's glacial move into the Mac M1, M2 and now M3 era, I had to drop VEPro as a server, move to ipMidi and hardware I/O and am only using VEPro as a standalone host.   But..... it freezes/simply stops responding to input frequently.  It is only running EW Play, Synchron and Kontakt 6. That's it.  No mixing of other VIs - just those three.   It also crashes constantly on an i9 Win11 server I've been wanting to integrate into my setup, but had to give up.  VEPro is not stable enough for demanding work.

  • I fully agree! Vienna is passing the buck and NOT being responsible for their customers who RELY on their product for their careers! Fail VSL, FAIL FAIL FAIL! No more "features", no more "updates". Please focus on RE-designing your product to allow users to BYPASS any stuck loads. ASAP please!

  • Hi!

    If a certain plugin leads to an unstable project state, you can always disable the plugin in the VE Pro plugin management settings.

    Kind regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • How can one KNOW what plug-in is hanging the load? Every time I've had VE Pro get stuck, I haven't had as clue WHICH plug in failed. When one has hundreds, the "trial and error" to determine the "culprit" could be a disaster, resulting in days of lost work. In a "lucky" scenario, maybe a user might have just updated "one" plug-in so as to make it obvious. But in reality, its not that simple. Unless I'm missing something? 

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