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  • Tempo Sync and drag & drop phrases?

    I am curious, are there plans to add tempo sync to the Big Bang product line? I dont understand why I cannot set my tempo in my DAW and have Syncron dynamically adjust to my tempo settings as many other similar products are able to do.

    I am also curious whether there are plans for drag and drop functionality into my DAW that will automatically place the notation used into the MIDI tracks I have created in my DAW. For example, perhaps, I want to double the Cello and Double Bass used in Capricorn with a low brass library of my choice (whether it be Vienna or another library).

    These are both features offered in other similar products such as Sonuscore's The Orchestra Complete or Sonokinetic phrase based libraries. Granted, you often have to tweak CC data to get them to sound authentic with third party libraries, but at least the notation is easily put in place.

    Also, as I havent looked at Capricorn (literally just bought a license about an hour ago and Im too exhausted to dive into it right now), are the phrases in the 120 BPM section the same as the 130 and 140 libraries? If they are, perhaps we can simplify this, remove the option to select BPM and just put tempo sync in.

    Im liking the direction you are going here with BB, however, I want to see more, much more, with more time signatures, a more flexible arp that doesnt lock me in to specific phrases, and has more flexibility in not only notes played, but play style (legato, staccato, marcato, etc), note duration, etc.

    Pick up a license for The Orchestra Complete and take a look at what they are doing, as this is probably the best arp library on the market right now. I think you guys can not only reproduce what they are doing, but do it better.

    Also, while Im not specifically needing it, BB is curiously missing percussion. It is Big Bang after all. The big is there, but wheres the bang?

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    @Another User said:

    Also, while Im not specifically needing it, BB is curiously missing percussion. It is Big Bang after all. The big is there, but wheres the bang?

    Before Capricorn came out IMHI it didn't make any sense. After all it was only about sustains or hits.

    Now it is in the spirit to add percussion phrases to accompany Capricorn. I can also imaginge swelling drum rolls leading to pitched hits or echoing drum hits. Maybe even unrhytmic percussion would do well with the microtuning FX patches.



  • Percussion absolutely makes sense in this library. This is a lite library that should have timpani hits and rolls, bass drum hits and rolls, and cymbal rolls and crashes. It's an "epic" orchestral library designed for quick scoring. It doesnt need dozens of articulations, but basic hits and rolls for timpanis, bass drum(s), and cymbals absolutely fits.

    As to having to have every instrument in the DAW, the idea is that you literally drag from Synchron into the DAW and the notation is added in separate tracks. What instruments you are using is up to you.

  • For the BBO I would prefer mixed Percussion LIve- performances by Percussionists. 

    Also I would like to see artificial "trailer percussion performances" and more swooshes in a second Part of Smart Hits.
    Yesterday I heard and watched a demo of "Keepforest Devastator" at Bestservice which has this kind of sounds at a real hard level. But for that the SY-Player needs an Arp-Editor.