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  • VEP stuck on "working on sample data cache" but only on initial load from start or restart

    I’m having a pretty big issue with one of my Mac Pro slave computers. When I set my template to load on startup, VEP 6 gets stuck on a Kontakt dialog that says “working on sample data cache” or something like that. 

    It will hang there for an hour if I let it. If I force quit VEP and restart the template it loads, but this means I can’t have my template ready to go first thing in the morning. I’ve resorted to leaving it on 24/7 which increases power consumption. 

    I have tried batch resaving all libraries in Kontakt, reinstalling VEP, Kontakt and all plugins, updating to the latest version of VEP 6, trashing VEP preferences in my user library…..I’m not sure what else to try. 

  • Did you ever fix this? 

    I'm running into the same issue with VEPro 6, Kontakt 5 and the latest version of Logic, but it seems to happen even if I restart VEPro. I think it started when I began using Logic's disable tracks without midi data function. Before that, I had regions on each track which enabled/disabled the VEPro instance, but that was causing my large Logic template to CPU overload as all of the tracks were considered 'active' in Logic. Deleting the enable/disable shortcut regions more than quartered my CPU usage, but then I started getting this issue in my local VEPro server on my MacBook Pro. My PC server doesn't seem to have the issue.

    Screenshot attached. I've batch resaved many of my Kontakt instruments, including the ones in the screenshot, but it's still happening.

    So I think it's linked to Logic trying to connect to the VEPro instance (locally) when I click on the track. Are you using Logic?


  • Hello, 

    Just talked to our developers. and these Kontakt-internal processes cannot be influenced by the host, as far as we can see. 

    In short words: If any plug-in, also Kontakt, hangs while loading, there's nothing we can do... but we will be happy to help 3rd party developers to find a solution, by providing NFRs to check out what's going on. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL