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  • VEP Version 7.0.954 External Midi Input Issue

    Dear community,

    after updating VSL Ensemble Pro to the latest version we´re experiencing external Midi Input problems. Our workflow is to send Midi via IAC from our DAW Logic 10.4.8 to an VEP Server with multiple instruments. This worked fine for over a year. After the update all incoming Midi data from different IAC Busses are routed to just one IAC Bus inside of VEP (IAC1).

    Please advise how to proceed. Note: Using the VEP Plug-In for MIDI communication is NO alternative.



  • why are you using IAC?

  • I'm assuming you're using the IAC bus to use MIDI over ethernet with less latency.

    Is it a latency issue? I think there's been a locked-in buffer increase in the last update. –At least that's how it's playing out in Pro Tools 2019.12 and the UAD Apollo 8 via Thunderbolt on a top-spec 2018 Mac Mini. The slave computer is via Gb ethernet with an i9 9900KS with 64GB RAM and 2x PCIe Samsung 970's.

    I rolled back to VEP v7.0.926 because it would not respect my latency buffer settings:

    My Pro Tools buffer is set to 128 on the Mini, yielding 3.36 ms at 24/44.1 KHz is useful to me.

    The latest update locks me in at 14.46 ms @ 24/44.1 KHz and 14.46 ms  @ 24/96 KHz, even if I go into each VSL app and reset the buffer to 128. I've also disabled all VEP7 plugins except for the instruments. I don't even use the built-in reverb in the VI's and the Syncron Player apps.

    If this is your issue too, back up your templates, clear all of those preferences, uninstall all traces of VSL apps and try rolling back. It was a PITA, but now I can work as I did before.

  • Hi Marco!
    I noticed the same problem here with the most recent VEP 7 build.

    We're on Mojave, using Digital Performer's virtual midi ports (Interapplication MIDI), VEP sees them but responds to all the 40 MIDI ports as one port - the first port enabled in the settings.
    And the problem is with all the virtual ports expet VEP's own ports that works fine.

    We had to install VEP 6 and load an older template (works fine in 6...)

    This problem seems to be only with the server application.

    VSL please fix this issue!


    Update: Got a 7.0.926 installer from a friend and its working fine now. Must be the recent build.

  • To have completely independent Miditracks in Logic (external MIDI), Audiofeed of the server goes to another machine (Avid ProTools HD-X2).

  • We've identified a regression in the external midi port handling with the latest VEPro, which was introduced when fixing another issue.

    We've just patched this up, and will release an update ASAP.