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  • Fantastic 10-trombone piece

    I really like the music of Vaclav Nelhybel who did unique, very artistic music for concert band, but also some great chamber pieces like this 10-trombone piece - I decided to post it here because so few people seem to know of this great composer and this demonstration of the timbre of 10 trombones could be an example for using the fabulous VSL trombones.  I've played a number of his pieces in concert band and they are powerful works that ignore the usual band music style and instead are austere, often dissonant works, though he is not strictly an atonalist.   

    Tower Music  

  • Thank you for sharing this, Bill!  It was written the year I was born, and I'm glad to have discovered it before I'm on my death bed (although, another 10 trombone work at that time as a fond farewell from this earth might also be appropriate).  Nelhybel is indeed deserving of some recognition for this!

  • Very much spicy-Renaissance! It's a very clever writing, and full of spirit!


  • This sounds so good. Thank you for sharing this Bill!


  • [i]oops, I put this under the wrong thread. I moved it to the right one [/i] Tom

  • Thanks William, great piece of music, thanks for sharing it. And I love the 10 trombones! You know why!

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