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  • Synchron Strings I microphone time alignments.

    This is really just a question about that little delay knob in Synchron Player. Did you guys manually align the samples so they are all aligned out of the box or did you leave them as recorded for adjusting in the player?

    Hope you get my question :)

    Happy New Year,


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    Well been playing around with Auto Align and it made a huge diffrence in clarity and in tone. Could I then use the Matrix Mixer Pro for the time settings that Auto Align detected? Anybody here that cares to chime in? 😝

  • I'd be very grateful if VSL could clear this matter up : )


    If they're not delayed out of the box then -

    What are the correct delay times per microphone(s) set for the Synchron Strings (and other Synchron Player wet libraries). Especially for percussion instruments also of course

  • Hi, 

    We have alligned all mic channels in the editing process, for best results and then added the runtimes in the mixer presets . 

    They do make quite a difference, and you can use both the Matrix Mixer (greta just for fine-tuning in samples) and the runtime delay setting in the Synchron Player / Mixer. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL