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  • Vivaldi, Summer, Presto. SE VOL 1 & 1 PLUS

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    A midi mockup for this well-known piece.

    Especial Edition VOL 1 & 1 PLUS - Vienna instrument Pro - Virtualsoundstage - Valhalla room reverb

    I accompanied it with a video to make it more enjoyable.

    Vivaldi - Summer - Presto

    Greetings and happy new year.

  • Hi 

    I think thats great!..i really enjoyed that mate and i thinks its amazing how good it sounds, you must have worked quite a while on that.

    i loved the did you do that!..really quite cool to see the notes played like that

    Kindest Regards


  • Thanks Paul.

    For the falling notes I used Synthesia software. Once I finished with the mockup, I joined all the midi tracks in one, removed all the overlays notes and opened it in Synthesia where I made a video capture in fullhd.

    Then I removed the background and put my own with After Effects.

    I think I remember that I saw this tutorial to do it:

    Sorry if I'm not clear, my English has limits;)

    Thanks again.

  • I saw this also on another forum, but just let me reiterate, great work! Hearing something so well done is encouraging and inspiring.

    Paul McGraw

  • As I said in the other forum, thank you very much, Paul.

    Now I am working on the Leias´s theme by John Williams.

    I hope to upload it soon. But I'm an eternal newbie and I'm going very slow. ;)

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