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  • First master slave setup and am utterly lost

    Hi all,

    I've just purchased my first slave machine, and am trying to set up VE pro. I can manage to achieve nothing so far - my pc's lose internet access the moment I assign a static IP (I'm on windows, and windows networking has always been absolutely, utterly awful in my experience). Is there a steup by step - absolute idiots guide to setting this up? I can't find one. Reading about gateways, and subnet masks etc makes me want to wring either my own neck or someone else's. The VEpro manual is, frankly appalling, so I'm reaching out to the community for advice.

    Thanks so much


  • Actually, it doesn't matter - I figured it out - VE pro apparently doesn't require static IPs - maybe this is something that should be taken out of the manual (or clarified). My only problem now is (as ever) jumping through licensing hoops.

  • a stable network for this purpose requires a static IP; I can't help you with Windows system however

  • I run my setup with it's own network...meaning, I put a 2nd network cards in my Windows 10 master and slave machines.

    I then just connect them with a Cat6 cable, and assign static IP's to them, and a gateway to each other. Works perfectly, and I dont have any internet traffic interfereing with my VEP session. Most of the time, I disable my internet connection so I am not surfing all day, or getting trolled by spamware and Windows updates.

    You also might need to make sure your firewall isnt blocking VEP.

  • OK, thanks both - with the usual painful digging around on the internet I figured it out. Assigning manual DNS fixed the problem, and everything seems to be working ok now.