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  • Velocity x-fade & Dorico 3

    I'm using VSL SSE, Finale 25 and Dorico 3. 

    As a general question, first: I don't understand the relationship between Expression (cc11) and Velocity cross-fade (cc2 by default), if someone could patiently explain that to me.

    Specific question, though, is how to set it up in Dorico 3. I can choose between note velocity & cc, and also enable a secondary choice, also velocity/cc. Do I want to make one cc11 and the other cc2, or should I stick with velocity in one and cc in the other, in which case, do I want cc 2 or cc 11?  There doesn't seem to be a way to have all three simultaneously.

  • Hello Marcabru!

    Expression is just a second volume control. With Velocity XFade turned on, all velocity layers get played simultaneously, and with the controller you can crossfade between the layers. This way you can make crescendi and decrescendi that are more than just a volume fade.

    For sending dynamic commands from a notation software, I recommend sending velocity and the CC that controls Velocity XFade.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Andi.

  • How do you turn Velocity XFade on?

    Never mind, I found it:)

  • There are two ways -- either by enabling manually in the individual instrument, or else (in Dorico) by adding an entry to the expression map's init: cc28, value 127. I dare say values less than 127 work, but I haven't experimented that far