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  • Vienna Smart Spheres DAW Tempo Synch on Pulse Settings

    Good Evening I purchased Smart Spheres and had no problems installing it and I do like the sounds very well done. My question is on the pulsed sounds the tempo does not synch with my DAW FL Studio. I use some other plug ins and like the feature on how the tempo of the pulsed sound will match the tempo setting of my DAW. The question is are the pulsed settings in Smart Spheres a fixed setting or does the Synchron Player have a way of synching to the DAW that I do not have set up properly? I would like to synch the pulses to my projects if possible. Thank You!

  • I'm having the identical issue regarding tempo synchronization and this post is exactly what I'm experiencing.

    The tempo (bpm) does not seem to be in sync with the tempo of the pre-sets.

    Has anyone from the community or from the VSL team been able to solve this issue?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks and Stay Safe,

    Mark A. Ross

  • Hello tls,

    Sorry for the late reply here - I just tried to reproduce your issue with the latest version of FL Studio (20) and everything worked fine.
    If you load a "Pulses"-Preset (Rolling Bass for example) and raise the BPM in FL Studio, the tempo should follow.

    Please make sure to download & install the latest Synchron Player version from MyVSL (logged in):

    @Ross Creative Computers:
    Are we also talking about FL Studio here?If yes, which version?
    Please also make sure to use the latest Synchron Player version.

    If this doesn't make a difference, feel free to send a mail with more details and/or short videos, which illustrate the issue, to


  • Thanks, Johannes. We are definitely on the right track (no pun intended).

    I'm using Pro Tools 12.3.1

    So, the big question for me is this:

    Are the Pulses the only group tied to the tempo (bpm)?

    I see that Percussive Mallet strings are also effected by the tempo indicator.

    Is there a listing where those elements effected by the BPM control are specified?




  • Also experiencing this in cubase 10.0.60, High Sierra, latest synchron player.

  • Hello Mark,

    "Are the Pulses the only group tied to the tempo (bpm)?"
    --> That really depends on the used effects in the FX-Mixer section in Synchron Player (Auto Gain for example will sync. the tempo to the project-BPM and is not only used in the "Pulses") but yes, it is mainly used in the Pulses-section.

    "Is there a listing where those elements effected by the BPM control are specified?"
    --> There is not such a list since it always should react to the DAW-bpm and it usually works like this.

    1) Does a complete reinstall of the latest Synchron Player version makes a difference?
    2) Please also make sure that your audio interface is updated to the latest version.