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  • MIR PRO and creating en ensemble


    I'm wondering if it is possible in MIR pro to simulate a flute ensemble or horn ensemble ecc. ecc. using single instruments.

    when it will be different notes I guess it's not a problem but when they have to go in unison will it work? should I use the trick of detune samples?

    I have a powerfull CPU so for me is not a problem creating a lot of single instruments for brass and woowinds section, but I don't know if it will work .

    I need articulations that aren't in woodwind or brass ensemble.

    let me know if anyone of you have tried or some advice to achive that.

    thank you guys

  •  Hi Christian,

    interesting question. :-) 

    Right now, we already do stuff like that to a certain extent with several "second" solo instruments in MIRx (Mode), mostly woodwinds and brass. Here we try to outwit physics by using different Characters (aka. PreEQ), VI's Humanisation features and of course different positions on a stage. Still you will run into phasing issues from time to time. This would happen more often when you try to build an actual ensemble from a single instrument. - The only technique that is able to make this work is VSL's "Dimension" approach, but that's not what you're asking for.

    Personally I would try to use the actual ensemble sets of an instrument for unisono work and switch to solo instruments for individual voices / Divisi. In case you're just missing certain articulations for unisono ensemble lines, the "Appassionata + Solo String"-trick might be worth a try: You take the ensemble samples for "size" and "flavour", while you add all the missing agility and articulations by mixing in an additional solo instrument with much more detailed articulation work. 

    Other than that, we have no plans to invent an "artificial ensemble" feature right now, but thanks for sharing the idea!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • thanks for the reply,

    maybe could be a good idee use a third parts phase alignment plug in + detune sample trick?

    I mean for exemple:

    4 triple horns , 1st original pitch, 2nd (-1) ,3th(-2), 4th(+1), each in different position within MIR pro, and then bus the 4 tracks in vienna ensamble pro with a phase alignment plug in such as the one from waves or similar? 

    sorry if I ask, but I'm  planning to buy some of your product for a big work I'm asking for, but before I need some info if my idea of workflow will properly work.

    thank you


  • The transposition trick will work without any additional tools as long as you can live with the inherent timbre shift. Phase alignment tools are neither needed nor helpful anyway, as you want to _avoid_ samples with almost identical content when you're aiming for an ensemble effect. 

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz is the real answer as always.

    But also you can use a combo of flute 1 and flute 2, or use 1 flute and transpose up and detune down 1/2 step to create two separate sample sets.  The main thing is to have completely different samples on each note.  

    Doing this if you have both flutes, both clarinets, both oboes, you can create ensembles of up to 4 instruments each without any problem.  Same thing with any other solos.  Also, the VI humanize settings are very valuable for this kind of thing, making each instrument respond differently.