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  • Synchron Player does not play very well within VEP 6

    I have been using VEP to host my template for years, everything works perfectly (VI Pro, Kontakt, PLAY and couple synths within VEP) before the release of Synchron Playe.

    I added Synchron Strings I and Dimension Brass (Synchron Player version) to my template and here comes the problems:

    1. Cubase Pro hangs when batch export individual track and stems.

    2. Synchron Player instruments have serious note drop, glitch, and note chop whcih is not usable.

    3. Cubase Pro randomly crash when using Synchron Player in instrument tracks.

    4. ALL virtual instruments (VI Pro, Kontakt, PLAY) work fine in VEP 6 and Cubase Pro.

    I'm posting here is to seek for solutions so that I can use Synchron instruments without any issues.

    ps. I have VEP7 and rolled back to VEP6

    my system spec: nMP Quad, 128GB ram, MacOS 10.12.6, Cubase Pro 10.0.40, latest VEP6 and Syn Player and VI Pro