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  • Inserting row or column in matrix


    Is there a way to insert a row/column in an exisiting matrix after an exisiting row/column?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Lukas, 

    I think you are referring to the tree structure and the dimensions (vertical) in the Synchron Player, correct?

    You cannot insert rows, or change the order here. It's really important to have the structure laid out before you start building. What you CAN do is copy a slot (with everything it contains) and start building again in a new Synchron Player instance. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello,

    I'm sorry, I should have been more precise - I'm talking about VIP!
    I'm rebuilding my templates since with VEP7 the old ones crash VEP7 as soon as I connect to a server instance via Reaper. Using this to make some adaptions, which would actually just be adding one or to columns in the middle of an existing matrix.

    Kind regards