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  • Kontakt disk problems with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7


    I am a new VEP user who is trying to incorporate VEP into my process and I am running into an error. 

    I have a template running where everything initially loads fine, but after a while I start to get instrument dropouts. The instruments will play only a fraction of a second of their samples. Every instrument in the same Kontakt window is affected. They problem happens with all different types of virtual instruments, not just Kontakt (happens in Omnisphere as well for instance). When the problem occurrs, Kontakt's disk% indicator will blink red 0% each time I try to play the instrument.

    I don't believe this is actually a disk speed issue. I am running off an internal pcie nvme SSD that is getting speeds of over 1000mb/s. It is also a dedicated sample drive that is not the boot drive. 

    This problem has happened on both of my computers. The problem has happened in both large and small sessions. Each time the problem happens, very shortly after VEP usually crashes after pressing the ! button in an instance of Kontakt that has the issue. 

    I have tried turning up the Kontakt instrument pre-load buffer to the max with no noticeable improvements in this problem. I am not sure if the issue improved slightly when I turned the VEP Multiprocessing setting to 12 Threads per instance instead of 2 Threads per instance (but this goes counter to the advice given in the manual however...) 

    I am running Mac OS High Sierra on a Mac Pro 6,1 with 12 cores and 128GB RAM.  I have the most recent up to date version of VEP7. 

  • I forgot to mention that I am using Digital Performer 9, and the VEP instances are the MAS versions. I am running VEP as a server project on the same computer as the DP session. 

  • Following! I have the exact same problem here.

  • I too see this on many instances of Kontakt but not 100% of the time.  I usually keep my disk stream buffer as low as it can go....but turning it up form 6k to 18k seems to mostly fix the problem....takes a little more RAM but nothing else seems to fix it.

  • Very interesting, actually! I run VEP at 42 kb preload buffer (total RAM usage hangs out at ~155 GB). I'll try upping the buffer a bit and see what happens.

    Does increasing the preload buffer solve the problem for you permanently, or does it creep back in after a while?