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  • SE 6 library update changes?

    Can we get an idea of what the update changes? It shows a date of August 2nd, took me a bit to figure out how to install the update for the SE Vi instruments, for those that have trouble with this, start menu, scroll to Vienna Instruments / Vienna Instruments Pro, inside that folder you'll find Directory manager, drag the unzipped downloaded file on top of the Directory manager and it should install after answering yes to the prompts. The Synchron SE6 update installs automatically if you choose "open" when you download the update file via the download manager.

  • Hi, 

    Just uploaded the SYNCHRON-ized info for SE Vol 6 Lib Update, it was 2 wrongly mapped notes in the second trumpet (staccato). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ooo, ok... update installed, very much enjoying the heck out of the SE dim brass. How is it you guys are the first ones to figure out that recording each player individually do I describe this...

    My music teacher in high school once said, woodwinds add the sparkle to an orchestra. You cant usually pick them out specifically, but much like a coat of wax on a car, its noticeable if they arent there.

  • Hi Mate

    Thanks for the tip about updating the VI Pro version. I updated the synchron version with no problems, but for the life of me could not work out how to update the VI one!

    Worked like a charm, thanks mate

    Kindest regards


  • NP... Just be aware, they added another update as well for SE5, if you didnt see it. It wasnt there yesterday when I did the volume 6 update so if you have SE VI volume 5, you should install that too.

    It looks like three total updates...

    SE Synchron Volume 6

    SE VI Volume 5

    SE VI Volume 6