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  • Synchron Player - Change patches with Program Changes


    I want to change patches "vertically" using Program Changes instead of keyswitches, exactly like I'm used to do in VI Pro, but I can't seem to understand how to do that.

    Can anyone help me do that?


    Best regards


  • Hi Mike,

    I recently purchased Synchron Strings and also want to use program changes instead of keyswitches.

    I've set my first dimension to Pgm 10 and my second dimension to Pgm 20.

    To select the first slot in the first dimension I created a program change event in Logic with a value of 10. I left the Bank field empty. (It appears as a minus sign.)

    To select the second slot in the first dimension I created a program change event with a value of 11. And, so on.

    Synchron will select slots in a dimension, sequentially, starting with the program number assigned to the dimension.

    I did the same for the second dimension.

    To select the first slot in the second dimension I created a program change event with a value of 20.

    To select the second slot in the second dimension I created a program change event with a value of 21.

    I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing it, but, so far, it seems to work fine.

    I hope that helps.

    All the very best,


  • Yes, I use Program Change as well.

    In the SY Player

    set the "Articulation" column trigger to Program Change 0

    set the "Type" column to none

    The "Articulation" column becomes the equivilent of the "matrix" in VI

    However as you can see, if you have many patches it does create a graphic and selection problem.

    In my Violins 1 example.  I use both the Synchron 1 library and Orchestral Strings together using the same midi channel.  So there needs to be an empty slot where a patch is played by the other library format.  

    My wish has been for the SY player "Articulation column to be scrollable and behave moe like the "matix" column

    in VI Pro.

    I work in Digital Performer, which lacks somewhat in keyswitch implementation, naming etc. So for me, looking at a patch change number instead of serveral notes is simpler.  And the chasing ability works great.


  • It would be great if there were 'PrgTens' and 'PrgOnes' options for dimension control using program change.

    There is no practical way to use all PCs in a single dimension, as previous messages have demonstrated, and the offset system isn't a path to doing that. But if synchron player were to also expose PC as a tens part and ones part separately, then one could reach 100+ patches with just 2 dimensions, neither of which would be too much for the UI.

    Imagine if you could assign one dimension to PrgTens and the next to PrgOnes. Then a program change message of 42 would generate 4 for PrgTens and 2 for PrgOnes.

    This would greatly facilitate using synchron player in Digital Performer and other apps that have strong program change support.

  • Thank you for the response, Rich.  I'm for any solution that would work, but it still seems to me that if the "Articulation" column SY had the the same behavior as the "Matrix" column in VI, then problem would be solved.

    In VI, when recieving a PRG Chg that is outside the viewing area, VI jumps to that corresponing matrix.  So the 2 things that would make it work are (1) scrollability, and (2) when recieving a PRG Chg, go to that selection.  Just as it works in the VI matrix column.  No?

    This behavior didn't exist in the 1st several interations of VIPro, but was added later. I've been working using that feature for many years.  Of course, I absolutly love the Synchron player, and am able to get by with more effort, but still... it makes things visually cramped and selecting a chore.      

    I have no idea what it takes for the VSL team to do this, and appreciate the vigorous work they are doing in all areas. But maybe sometime this might happen.

    Again, thanks for the reply.

  • I too am using Synchron in Digital Performer and if Motu would allow custom naming of the Patch list for VI's it would help enormously. However, I'm just grateful that we can use Programme Change instead of Key Switches- I do not like key switches.

    The column view in Sychron does make it all possible- I just set each column's Programme Change to 0, 10, 20 etc and it's all pretty do-able.