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  • CPU increase after updating to latest VE Pro 7


    I am running one instance of 9 Instruments of Sy-ized SE Woodwinds and Brass (Volume 2 and 4) on may Master (MacBookPro10,1/Intel Core i7/2,6 GHz/Quadcore) and some instruments (Volume 1 and 3) on my Slave (same Computer, same config). I only enabled instruments I really need, so I disabled all the strings except the Solo Strings and many of the Woods and Brass on my Slave as well on my Master.

    I am running Cubase 10, latest update.

    Before updating to VE Pro 7 build 7.0.889 I already had cpu-related issues, so I disabled all the loaded convolution (is there a way to unload convolution for all instruments at once?). Then I could play back without problems. Now - after updating - I have no issues with all the instruments on my Slave but on my Master I cannot playback without dropouts. I also have disabled all the articulation slots except Stc and longs. The activity monitor shows an incredible cpu-amount.

    In Cubase I did not change anything, as usual I have disabled ASIO Guard for all VSL Products.

    I use this setup for composing every summer and it worked fine (I do not use big templates). Is it possible that with two high-tec laptops the "small" versions of the VSL Libraries are not running properly? Is there anything I do wrong?


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    Hi Ludwig H., 

    Please send me that song to check:

    Please cinlude all other software versions as well, just so that we're testing the same system. Please mention the actual version number (everybody sis 100% sure that they are using "the latest version"... 😉). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL