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  • Repetition Performance Patches

    Hi all,

    Could anyone help me get my head around the "Performance Repetition" patches and when to use them?

    It's a general question that refers to the whole catalogue (I own and use most of the orcehstral instruments from VSL), but for the sake of argument I will refer to my latest purchase which is Solo Strings 1 and 2 Full.

    Here's an example:

    Violin 1

    - In the PERF INTERVAL folder and in the PERF INTERVAL FAST  I have a Perf Spiccato and Perf Spiccato Fast patches
    - In the PERF REPETITION folder I have a Perf Rep Spiccato patch

    they sound the same or very similar (even on series of repeated notes) and I don't understand the difference and the different purposes.

    I also don't understand why they are not in the "SHORT" folder, like the staccato patch, as they are all short articulations.


    Thanks a lot in advance if anyone will find the time to help me better understand this, as it's always been slightly obscure to me.


    Best regards


  • Hi Mike, perf intervals are for intervals. These articulations all contain transition recordings from one note to the other. perf repetitions are for repetitions or ostinatos. These articulations have a lot of different variants to prevent a machine gun effect. If you need for example some slower staccato notes, the staccato artic. would be fine. But with fast repetitions you want to try perf. rep. samples first. Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • HI Mike, 

    Let me elaborate that a bit: Performance articulations are about note connections. With Performance Legato, it's about legato connections (in different speeds), and with Performance Repetitions, it's about repeated notes.

    We have recorded multiple repetitions of a note with the Performance Repetitions (5 for the slow ones, 9 for the fast ones) and edited them to be accessible separately, so that when you play such a Perf. Rep., you get the authentic note connections. Listen to the transitions and you will hear the difference.

    Those repetitions are included in the short notes of our new SYNCHRON-ized versions (not available for Solo Strings, yet). 

    Hope that helps!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL