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  • Complementary Discounts (MAY 2019)

    Can someone please help me out with a question regarding this months complementary discount?

    If I order the Symphonic Cube and I already have Orchestral Strings and the Solo Strings Bundle. Do I still need to add these products again for the complementary discount or is the complementary discount automatically calculated when ordering just the Symphonic Cube? The phrasing on on the website confuses me a bit.




    Let’s say you already have a few library products that are part of a larger bundle. When you add the missing products you can take advantage of Complementary Discounts when you complete the bundle.

  • You should see the correct price on the Cube's product page. You only have to add this to the basket and buy it.

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Hi iPiano,

    I confirm, you don't need to add the Orchestral Strings and Solo Strings Bundle again in this scenario. The complementary discount is automatically calculated when you put the Symphonic Cube into the basket! :)

    Best, Stefan