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  • Logic Pro plugins not appearing in VE Pro -

    Hi all,

    (apologies if this has been asked before but I've searched around and not found an answer).

    I cannot get my Logic Pro X instruments and plugins to appear in my VE Pro 6 Server.

    I initially installed VE Pro with Cubase on my Macbook, I have another instance of VE Pro on a windows slave and then I installed Logic Pro on the Macbook master computer.  I did a reinstall of VEPro to see if it would pick up the Logic Plugins but to no avail.

    On the Windows version of VE Pro Server, I can see that there is a 'VST Settings' button in the preferences, (Plugins sections), but this button doesn't exist on the Mac OSX version of VE Pro Server.  I tried researching things like data paths so that Mac OSX would pick up the plugins from the Logic Pro plugins folder, but I haven't gotten anywhere.

    Help please!



  • LogicPro's included plugins are not VST/AU plugins, they are hardcoded into LogicPro.  So VEP or any other host cannot ever use them.