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  • Payment issues

    I've been trying to make a purchase, but am getting rejected when trying to pay by credit card.  I called my CC company and there is no sign of a purchase attempt. I know there is no issue on my end. Is there a problem with your payment provider? I'm trying to purchase VEPro7 and don't want to miss the sale.

    I've contacted VSL several times, but no response.


  • dear islandmus,
    we are sorry to hear about the problem to purchase with your credit card. we can see you have tried but our payment provider denied the transaction. the most probable reason is, that your credit card is locked for purchases outside US, which unfortunately is a very common setting.

    please apologize the delay in answering your request - we try to solve issues within 24 hours and as far as i can see Stefan from our sales team  has already answered in Case 299053.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.