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  • Setting up VE7Pro with Synchron and Finale

    Documentation for VE7Pro says to install Synchon separately from VE7Pro.  So, I've reinstalled it after installing VE7Pro.  But I can't find anything in the documentation on how to add a Synchron player instrument to VE7Pro. The icons at the bottom left where one would add VI or VI-Pro show nothing for Synchron.

    When I access the VST Banks and Effects in Finale and add Synchron Player, and click Edit, instead of  getting the Connect window, it simply takes me to an instance of Synchron Player. But then the signal is not going  to VE7Pro, where all the cool Fx plug-ins are.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • Right click with the mixer panel in focus and select 'Insert Plugin' and Integrated inside of that should have Synchron Player.


    Or in the F2 panel, same thing, Insert Plugin and a dialog, Integrated\Synchron Player.