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  • Symphonic Cube Now Download-Only, Right?

    Hi all!

    I'm just finalizing my purchase of the extended library of the Symphonic Cube to go with the standard library I bought a few years ago, as well as the Keyboards Complete collection.

    Am I right in thinking all VSL products are now download-only or on the VSL hard drive? I just realised I hadn't seen an option for a physical product (prompted when it asked for shipping address, which I presume doesn't actually get anything shipped to).

    I have the 10-case set of the Symphonic Cube for the standard library, am I right in remembering that that already contains the extended library too, but the extended licence is needed to access it?



  • Hi Pyre, 

    All our products are download products, but you have an alternative data delivery method via HD or USB Stick (Special Editions) that you can add in your basket. 

    You are right, all VI Collections  contained in the Symphonic Cube are installed with the FULL Library, so you only need the Extended Library licenses to unlock the content. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL