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  • Disabled cells and memory


    I've finally completed my template preset. It is made of 15 matrices, each one of a minimum of 2 rows (typically 3) of 12 cells. Some matrices extend on 12 rows, but there are usually very few cells with patches in them. Many cells have two slots with patches.

    I keep the cells disabled, untile a MIDI message don't enable them. Are the cells remaining disabled taking memory? Or, are disabled cells taking zero memory? I wouldn't want to be creating a monster hungry of memory with my huge presets.


  • Hi Paolo,

    the additional cells should not take any more memory when unloaded. Yes, it will be a little more then zero, but almost zero (the program needs to store information about what the cell is and the settings for the cell).

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Ben, good news then! As for the increased size of the preset, it goes from the usual 4k to about 45k. Nothing to worry about.