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  • Vienna Instruments Althyria film score

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    Here are some excerpts from the score I did to "Althyria The Motion Picture" using all Vienna Instruments - Dimension Strings, Solo Strings, Solo Flute, Harp, Percussion. The film is a small-scale psychological story, so I used very intimate sounds for the ensemble with the solo and Dimension strings, along with solo flute.


  • Very cool stuff, Bill. I was thinking that it reminded me of Franz Waxman so I went back and listened to the Bride of Frankenstein sound track. I decided that I must be thinking of something else. Was there a particular one of the old time film composers that you were inspired by in creating this score?

  • Very very very nice writing and sound!!

    May I asked what is your Dimension Strings setup? Are you using Xfade for longs and legato? Are you using MIR Pro for DS? 

    The Strings sound very very natual and expressive!

  • Thanks Tom and holywilly!

    The style was not a particular composer but instead the "leitmotif" film score style that was used a lot in the 1930s-40s. I think the orchestration was inspired by the small ensemble used on Val Lewton films by Roy Webb who did really great impressionistic scores for those films.  

    This has a lot of crossfade since the Dimension strings even though they are individual players allow perfect crossfades. It also has all four Solo strings and Chamber cellos along with the Dimension strings.  The mix was in MIR Pernegg with about -19 dry overall.  I used MIR EQ on the violins to get them darker in the high range, also harp and cello in the low range.