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  • Vienna Ensamble Pro 7 Server Chrashes when unloading

    Hi, I have 4 folders loaded with kontakt instruments in Vienna Ensamble Pro Server and it keeps crashing everytime I close down. I save my files and then press the x. And everytime it crashes. I have 40 GB RAM loaded. Any ideas? 

  • Hi Christopher, 

    The crash report you get will probably point to an auto-release-pool crash, which means that Kontakt crashes while unloading (deallocating) the samples. Unfortunately there's not much we can do here. 

    As an alternative, you can force-quite VE PRO instead, just make sure that you have saved your project. 
    Force-quitting will do no harm and will actually speed things up. 

    Unfortunately it is not possible to implement such an option in general. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL