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  • VEP6 Synchron Strings - White Keys chopped off, Black Keys working

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    Hello there,

    I am having a weird issue with some of my Synchron Strings I instruments, as seen for Double Basses in the video link here (Google Drive) or in the attachment on the bottom of this post:
    In the video I first play single black keys, switching to troubled white keys (all samples chopped off there) with my mouse, and about half way in I play multiple keys via Midi-Controller, with same results. Then I switch back to mouse clicks.

    As you can hear, all black keys work as intended, the sample is played until its end.
    All white keys however are chopped off after very short time.

    To solve this I've tried:
    - restarting VEP6 Local Server (6.0.17966 64 bit) and Cubase 9 Pro
    - restarting PC (32GB RAM, Intel Core i7 4790, 64bit, Windows 8.1)
    - update Synchron Player and VEP to the latest versions
    - bypassing certain related plugins of affected routing channels (Vienna MIR, Fabfilter)
    - activating/deactivating certain options within Synchron player (Microphones, Reverb, Delay, Soloing/Muting)
    - increasing the Default Preload Size from 4096 to the most (32786) samples, then reloading the project
    - replacing the troubled Synchron Player instrument (ie. double basses) with a new instance of the same
    - load another instance of Synchron Player in another place within my VEP session
    - !!load a fresh instance of Synchron Player in a parallel session of FL Studio!! (while the old project is still running)

    Please note that only with the latter approach of the points above (in FL Studio), all samples (black&white keys) were working normally, so the installation should be fine (also since it has been working before). I still left my Cubase and VEP session, the one with the broken strings, open. So i'm pretty sure it's not a performance/hardware issue, also since the CPU Meter seen in the video (falsly?) turns red but peaks and CPU percentage in the graph stay low.
    I'd like to find the cause of this issue to be able to solve it within my current (and perhaps in upcoming) Cubase projects.

    Furthermore it's worth mentioning that I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks and it was fine in the beginning. As I upgraded the VEP instance with more and more instruments, the problem with the chopped off string samples occurred just recently. That's also the case for certain Viola samples within the same project. Everything else, other libraries and samples are working fine, it's only in the Synchron Players that I find chopped off samples right now.
    I'm hosting VEP and Cubase on only one PC, local host, no peripheral slaves.

    I'd appreciate any help how to fix or work around this issue. I haven't found posts with similar or the exact same issue so far. Also please let me know if you need further info about hardware/software of the issue itself.

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Update: No solution found yet. Any help would be much appreciated.

    In the meantime I've doublechecked that - at the point when I wrote my issue above - I already used the latest version of Vienna Synchron player and Vienna Ensemble Pro 6. Today I've updated Cubase from 9.0.30 to 9.0.40, but I noticed that this did not bring improvement.

    Additionally I've tested the Synchron Player I strings' white keys in FL Studio and Reaper and found out that it works in FL Studio (as written in the original report) but !not in Reaper! either. Meaning I have the same chopped off samples there.
    This time I've tested with a completely fresh project, only running Synchron Player I strings, one time with and another time without VEP, loading SP directly in the Cubase VST Instruments Rack, Reaper and FL Studio (only worked correctly in FL Studio). This should make sure that it's not related to not enough RAM or CPU power.

    Again, it has been working the weeks before in Cubase, I'm not sure what caused the issue to appear out of the blue. Which leads me to think that perhaps the Synchron Player is bugged in certain situations, even after rebooting, as being one possible cause of the problem.
    I hope that someone can help soon, otherwise I'll have to wait for a SP update and see if it solves my issue. In case it does, I will report here.


  • I'm experiencing this, too.  My setup is dorico running on an iMac, VEP 7 running on Windows. 

    When doing normal playback from Dorico, I experience no issues --- everything seems to sound fine. However, if I try to use the Synchron screen keyboard, I get an extremely short, cut-off note. Too short, for example, to determine what the articulation is. If I repeat this, it will sometimes work (play the fuill note). I noticed this with Synchronized Dimension Brass, but it may be happening with other instruments, too. 

    I also notice that I sometimes get the same sound (a very short tone that is then abruptly cut off) when I select a note in Dorico. Normally, it plays a full sound, complete with reverb tail. Now if frequently cuts off after a fraction of a second.