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  • MIRx observations

    I have just bought MIRx and have a few observations.

    1. You have to disable panning in the mixer for each track for the MIRx panning position to take effect.
    2. There's no way of seeing the actual MIRx panning position in the mixer. Instead you have to display each track individually.
    3. The CC31 MIRx Dry/Wet controller does not appear for existing tracks - only for new tracks. I'm contemplating now how to recreate all my tracks easily, so that it does appear.
    4. If MIRx settings are changed and I quit Cubase, then Cubase does not save the new settings. You have to explicitly "Save" rather than "Quit".

    Are my observations consistent with others' experience?

    Regards, Richard.

  • Hi Richard,

    thanks for buying MIRx! I hope you like it. :-)

    ad 1.: The Panning in VI (or VI Pro) actually determines the way the instrument's signal _enters_ MIR. That way you can build quite elaborate customized ensemble-setups using the so-called General Purpose presets, in case you need them. But you're right, for individual instruments the mixer's panning should be centered.

    ad 2.: MIRx is meant to be used "one instance for one instrument", so there is always just _one_ position you can achieve by means of MIRx in one instance of VI (Pro). The virtual position of the instrument on the MIR Venue's stage is shown in the small floor-map at the bottem left corner in VI's "Advanced" view. - Hint: When you click on this panel you'll see a picture of the chosesn venue. :-)

    ad 3.: I don't quite understand the issue ... You have made an arrangement before you got MIRx, and there was no Dry/Wet slider? Very strange. Please get in contact with if the problem persists. 

    ad 4.: Yes, like any other plug-in or virtual instrument, settings are saved in the host. But of course you can always create presets in VI and recall _those_ later.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library