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  • Bitwig ticks

    First of all: For me VEP7 is a big hit! And maybe future updates support VST3....

    I like to know if I'm the only one using VEP with Bitwig. I use VEP adhoc to offload CPU. So the plugin/automation updates are a relief! Allthough it seems that de parameter name doesn't sync to Bitwig the first time it's added. Connecting to an instance with automation allready in place does show the parameter names.

    Other issue I have is 'tick' in the audio stream from VEP every 2-3 minutes. With Bitwig I'm used to low (128) buffers. Raising thwe buffer to 512 is less ticks, but I can't resolve it completely. Also adjusted the VEP plugin buffers. 2 buffers give 512ms latency. Should this be less or more then the interface buffer size? I don't understand how a VEP buffer size of 'none' would result in latency. Maybe I'm missing some fundamentals ;-)

    Also, same rigg with Cubase (9.5) I have never ever had any ticks from VEP. So maybe it's an issue in Bitwig,