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  • SynchronPlayer Standalone where can i find it?



    Can someone say me where i can find the SynchronPlayer Standalone-Version?



  • There is none. It only works as a plugin.

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  • Ey Bill..

    Thanks a lot for your Info:)

    Ok. So you need VEP for Standalone Applications.

    But my Problem with VEP6 and SynchronPlayer is mainly, that SynchronPlayer adds 512 Samples when i load it in VEP6!!

    It adds 512 Samples to any "Plugin-Latency" settings i choose. So. on 0 Samples i get 512 Samples in the right Corner Setting-Display. I can not go anymore deeper then 512 Samples with SyncPlayer in VEP6!

    Maybe i stuck on Vienna Instruments Pro for ever..ioi

    Without to make some conclusions, i wrote a Threat about some Issues with VEP6 and "Plugin-Latency" Settings.

    Maybe you take a look there too, if you like:)