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  • [SOLVED] Do Synchronplayer adding 512 Samples Plugin Latency in VEP6?

    Hello together

    When i load a Instance of Synchronplayer in VEP6, it adds 512 Samples to the Plugin Latency!

    Is there something to know about??

    Someone can help?




  • Hi Ron, 

    Do you mean the display in the lower left corner of VE PRO 6? That's the accumulated latency that plugin-latency compensation is there for (in this case, probably has to do with the integrated impulse responses). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul


    No, that happens also without any MIR.

    And its shown on the right Corner. I know about that settings.:)

    (In my Case?) When i change the settings "Plugin-Latency" in VEP6 it adds always 512 Samples to the setting. The minimum is 512 Samples at 0 Samples on "Plugin-Latency"-Setting.

    The Interface RME UFx have 96 Samples, because MIR won`t work on 64 Samples somehow. On 32 and 128 Samples with the Multiface (PCI-Card) it works fine.



  • Hello Paul

    Only for my understanding:( In the discribtion above a had no Plugins loadet, only Synchron Player)

    Question 1:

    >>Are Vst-Plugins also in the Calculation of the Amount of Samples?

    I ask, cause when i loud Vst-Plugins in VEP6, on some of the Plugins are still written "0 Samples" in the "Plugin-Latency"-Display.

    Question 2:

    Whats the Latency of VEP6 for Audio-Processing when nothing is loadet? How i can imagine that handling of Latency?

    I ask because i (would like to) use VEP6 as a Live Digital-FX Modul for my Monitoring for my Analog-Mixer. Actualy i do it for Send-Signals like Reverbs.

  • I have seen the same behavior on my system. For apparently no reason, the Synchron Player adds a PDC of 768 samples. Whereas Kontakt, for example, has a PDC of 0.

    In the GIF I'm turning off the onboard FX, to see if it makes a difference:


  • I think thats solved.