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  • Chamber Strings

    Hi there,

    I upgraded my Chamber Strings to the full bundle (normal and muted). Wow! These are really the best VSL strings besides Dimension Strings. And they perfectly blend together, also because they nearly have the same articulations.

    Only thing I'm missing is a crossfadable or progressive vibrato (legato) patch. I'm using the espressivo layer for this, it blends quite well.

    For the SYNCHRON-ized version of Dimension Strings, you also made an update for the VI version. It would be great to have this also for the Chamber Strings, e.g. the additional flautando patches (which I think is only the pp layer), the edited sample content and adapted dynamic ranges to match with the other SYNCHRON libraries.

    It also would be nice to have the separate 2nd violins you made for the SYNCHRON-ized version, just for convenience.

  • There are 2nd violins in Chamber Strings, though they are the transposed 1st violins and do not have quite as many articulations - mainly dynamics.

    You can very easily create a crossfade  non vibrato/ vibrato by putting those articulations into a single VI and using slot crossfade to transition between them smoothly.    

  • Thanks, William.

    I know about the patches, but I thought that it would be nice to have the second violins separately, because they were done for the SYNCHRON-ized version. And also the additional patches: flautando and non-vib legato.

    You can't make a crossfadable legato, because there isn't a non-vib legato in the VI version.

  • I have just been doing transpose/pitch-shift if absolutely all articulations of 1st violins are needed.  People seem to have a bias against doing this, but in an orchestral context it is absolutely undetectable - especially with an ensemble. 

    I missed your parenthetical on legato crossfade - I thought you meant just sustains. 

    It would be conceivable  to program a combination of senza vibrato sustain after a legato transition especially since there is no vibrato on the transition itself and the vibrato after a transition normally starts a split second later.  One could use slot crossfade between sustain non vibrato and legato vibrato, crossfading right between the notes.  Though that would be rather awkward...