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  • Hosting Synchronized DIM strings I, II, III on one track

    Is there a way to host all three Synchonized Dimension string libraries (I, II, III) on one MIDI channel and keyswitch between them?   I had this configured in the VI Pro Player using the z dimension of the matrix, and it allowed having just one track for each instrument instead of three.

  • Please disregard this question.  I figured it out.   Easy peasy.

    EDIT:  Actually it's not that easy.   Is there a way to copy the entire keyswitch tree from one Synchron instance to another?  Recreating these trees from scratch is time consuming.

  • It would be really great if we could get an additional column in the keyswitch tree to the left of "Players" which could switch between DIM I, II and III.  

    EDIT:  This is possible.   I really should read the manual before posting questions.   :-)