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  • Mysterious VEP 7 behaviour

    I just booted VEP7 as usual, but was surprised that it went through a scan of all my plug-ins. I thought that only happened the first time it was booted. Is this a periodic rescan?

  • A complete rescan should only happen if the cache folder has been deleted (perhaps a 3rd party uitility clearing system caches?) or if a manual rescan is triggered from preferences.

    The plugin cache folder for VEP7 is:

    /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Caches/VSL/Vienna Ensemble Pro/cache

  • That makes sense. I don’t think any preferences triggered the deletion of the cache.. But a third party clearout, could have happened. Maybe CleanMyMac ...In any case, no big deal. Just wondered if it was something to expect now. Seemed random. Thanks for the explanation.