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  • Synchron Pianos Velocity Curve Editor


    I was wondering, is the VSL team planning on implementing a velocity curve editor in the Synchron player?

    Vienna Instruments seems to have one, unfortunately I could not find a way to load The Concert D into it. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think this is possible, and I wonder why.

    Such a great piano and I cannot use it at its full potential because of this. Adjusting the midi sensitivity knob only gets me half way there, as the adjustment I need is not linear. I know of the few standalone host applications that have been suggested here, but while these may be a viable workaround, they are of no help for recording since none of the DAWs I use (Cubase and Reaper) have a velocity curve editor built in.

    I don't mean to be harsh, but every piano library released in the last decade has a velocity curve editor and It's a little surprising--to say the least--that the most expensinve VI piano on the market is lacking such a basic but crucial feature.

    I am also considering getting the CFX, but not until this issue, along with the non functioning sympathetic resonance or the missing silent key, are being addressed. Can we expect an updated Synchron Pianos player in the near future?

    Thank you