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  • VE Pro 7 - Is it possible to import project files from VE 6 standard edition?

    I waited a very long time to get around to the PRO version. But still, any tips on how to use some of what I've created in the standard edition would be very helpful.  Thanks! :-)

  • Vienna Ensemble projects can be imported into VEP without issues.

  • It's not working for me.  Here's what happens:

    I edit my Finale document in the VST Banks and Effects section to use Ensemble Pro.

    I Launch VE7P Server.  The Window comes up.  I add an instance. In that instance I open my saved *.vep* file.

    Then I click the edit button in Finale, which brings up the Connect window.  My instance is shown. I click it, and immediately the VE7P server closes down. There is an error tone, but no error message.

  • I'm still not having success using *.vep* files created in VE6 standard.  I notice that the available file extensions for importing a project in VE7Pro do not include *.vep*.  If I try to rename the projects with *.vesp* I then get an error something about failing a legacy issue.

  • Do Add Instance, and load the .vep. Save that one instance project as a server project if need be.

    There is apparently a difference enough to make manual change of the extension impossible.