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  • Vienna ensemble PRO 7


    I just acquired Vienna Ensemble PRO 7.

    I am interested in AU3 multi-port.

    Which configuration requires the operation of this system?

    Should we have a second computer as a slave, or just an external hard drive?

    For my part, my sound banks are on an external hard drive SSD.

    I tried yesterday intances, but all instances have the same address number. So I can not run all the instances at the same time, at least that's my understanding.

    Can I manually assign a different address to each instance?

    I admit that I am a little lost, and I will need help ....

    When I say a little, it's a lot .....

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Hello Jean-Michel,

    Please check out the file NEW AU3 BETA Multiport Templates for Logic Pro X and VE Pro 7 V2 and follow instructions (quick guide included).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    Hello Jean-Michel, 

    Please check out the file NEW AU3 BETA Multiport Templates for Logic Pro X and VE Pro 7 V2 and follow instructions (quick guide included). 


    Good-morning Paul.

    Thank you for your answer, but I already downloaded this file.

    I may have a misconception about multiport ...

    I work with a single computer and an external SSD hard drive for sound banks.

    The idea that I have of the multi port is that we can move from one instance to another and have more midi channels, and hear the tracks of each instance at the same time.

    In my case, when the first instance is connected, when I want to connect the second, it disconnects the first and so on. So I only hear the last instance I connected.

    If the idea of multiport is to be able to listen to the tracks of each instance, I must certainly miss a setting. I read the user manual of vienna together PRO7, and I can not find my error, always in the idea of being able to hear the tracks of each instance simultaneously.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards.


  • Hello Jean-Michel, 

    AU3 is not what it could be at this moment, so these files offer a workaround. 

    Each instance (with 8 ports) each will connect to a new VE PRO instance, and you should be able to play back all sounds simultaneously. 

    Do you see 3 instances in VE Pro? Do you want to post some screenshots or send them to



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL