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  • Possible Noob Question: Advantages To Running Kontakt Inside VEP?


    For the first time I'm starting to run some Kontakt libs that take a loooooooooooooooooooong time to load. (AudioBros LASS and the new Scoring Brass).

    QUESTION: If I only have -one- machine doing double-duty as a DAW -and- VEP Server, is there any advantage to running Kontakt inside VEP?  I assume this would -primarily- be that the samples would already be preloaded in VEP, but is there any other upside?

    Are there any -downsides-?  (Writing automation comes to mind?)

    Sorry if these are stupidissimo. It's been a decade and still I've only ever used VEP for hosting VSL instruments.



  • I always do. It's not running in the same process as the DAW.
    I'm on one machine, see sig.


    If you mean writing automation interactively with a mouse on its interface, well, I use a couple of Reaktor instruments like that, in Cubase, in order to populate its automation list very quickly with decisions in the moment. The VEP workflow is writing in the lanes, I do extensive automation in VEP Automation Map. Or CC, there is no downside like that afaic.


    But with very special exceptions (I do mix in Cubendo, once I have renders, a little) I host the plugins in VEP.
    I would strongly recommend decoupled, the time saved is enormous and it's just more stable.