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  • Aborted installation - now getting " is incomplete"

    Concerns : installation of Synchronised Dimension Strings

    I downdloaded the library with the latest Download manager, and installation started.

    However, about halfway in, I had a frozen system due to another program.

    After a restart, when Download manager came up again, the library was not shown anymore, so I opened the Libary Installer (also latest version)

    When pointing the Library Installer to the file, it gave me the error message " is incomplete" ...


    There was another thread ( but, that incident happened with an older version of the Download Manager.

    Any solution (apart from downloading everything again) ?


    many thx

  • Hi Joh, 

    Drag the download file onto the Download Manager once again, the download will complete this way (and check if the data is complete before you can click INSTALL). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL