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  • Vienna Pro 7 heavy crashes.. uninstall leaves damage what to do ?

     The  plugin works when making new instance old pro6 crashes

  • Confused with what you mean by "uninstall leaves damage." I uninstalled VEP7 and went back to VEP6 many times during the beta period. As long as you dont save your VEP6 projects in VEP7, you can always roll back. Just use the uninstaller in your VE Pro application folder and reinstall as necessary. 

  • Actually I got scared when I had stupidly saved over VEP 6 projects, and had to roll back (because of an automation unloading situation which was a showstopper), but the 7 project opened in 6, except the Vienna Suite Pro plugins of course did not. Still, be paranoid about this.

  • I should note that i rolled back to the VEP 6 version which came out May 2.