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  • Articulation Display for VI Pro in VEP 7

    Firstly, congratulations. I’m guessing 1% of VSL users grasp the engineering beneath the hood of this nitro-burning funny car. I am in the other 99%. For all the complexities you have solved on our behalf, I thank you. Listen up. I have gone to great lengths to create a Logic environment that tells me via text boxes what articulation is playing at any given moment. I refer to it constantly. So the introduction of the Articulation Display is manna from heaven, or at least, Vienna. When a Synchron instrument is loaded, we get two displays — what I assume are the last two slots in the tree structure. Wonderful. The display for a VI instrument is apparently taken from the current cell name, and there is only one line. My request; allow us two displays also — the top being the matrix name and the bottom being the cell. Yes, the names of the matrices may get scrunched, but we can rename them. The names in the mixer channel strips are scrunched too, but they’re still intelligible. Frankly, if I was to get greedy, I’d ask for a separate Articulation Panel that reads out all currently chosen articulations for all instances and their channels. But hey, one step at a time. Again, great work.

  • I think that sounds like a very reasonable request, and I cannot believe we didn't do it that way from start...

    Will do, sir!