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  • Names of automation

    This is extremely strange that with the setup VEP7 on PC and Logic on my MAC, VEP7 only reads automation names from the VEP when I choose ViennaEnsamblePro AU3 plugin. It DOES NOT READ when I use the traditional ViennaEnsamblePro plugin.

    Oh and changing parameter when Logic plays back gives ALWAYS crackles, it is useless, sad. Something is broken. Load even one small instrument and do Host automation, and play it back. Load first the ViennaEnsamblePro plugin into Logic and then the ProAU3 Plugin. Map any parameter in VEP, And then play it back, Look what happens...

    Even when I run VEP7 on the same Mac as my Logic if I try to map expression fader in kontakt, for example for Spitfire Studio Strings, the play back causes crackles,  please  check and sned the feedback back. It does not work as expected. Can anyone please check it?

  • Hi Adia, 

    Just checked again with Kontakt, no troubles here. Please send me such a "broken" Logic Song, I'll see if we can find out more:


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL