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  • Vienna Instruments Pro Training Videos

    Tons of Thanks to Paul for his great training videos on the Vienna Instruments player options, especially the legato instruments features.

  • Where is the best source to find the best training videos?

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    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for that link!  I found a lot of other videos on You tube also...  Paul presenting somewhere..  just wondering which are the best?  I guess these from the above link need to be watched more carefully by me before continuing to ask the question.  ;-)

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    @Paul said:


    Most software videos are available here


    I was up late last night watching all those videos for VIPro...and some of your enthusiastic presentations at westlake audio a few years ago.  I am simultaneously excited about the prospects of what can be done with ViPro, as well as overwhelmed with choices.  I look forward to that day I can play ViPro live with as much effectiveness as you can Paul!