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  • [SOLVED] Vienna Instruments Pro 2 not working within Vienna Ensemble Pro 6


    I'm setting up a 2017 Macbook Air with Vienna software and have hit a roadblock.  I can load an instrument into the Vienna Instruments Pro 2 standalone and it plays fine using the built in keyboard, i.e. inactive cells are made active and sound, but, when I load VIP Pro instruments into Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, they don't become active and not sound.

    Macbook Air, Mojave 10.14.4

    Vienna Instruments Pro 2.4.17181

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.17226 (64-bit)

    I've not had this issue before so I'm not sure what might be the solution.



  • OK, I got it sorted out. For some reason "Enable Cells on MIDI Activity" was unchecked. That's the first time that's happened!