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  • Instances and midi channels in DAW (SOLVED)

    Hi, If I have 3 instances of VEP open how do I direct them to my DAW.  I presume I will be able to have 16 midi channels available per instance but I do not know how to route the instances. Any info gratefully received.  I will of course carry on looking for the answer.

    I have solved this issue by watching an excellant video and buying a PDF from the maker (Very Cheap)It shows you how to connect multiple instances and route them back to Logic using its internal software.  Here is the link to the video and a screen shot showing 2 instances connected.

    src="../../../assets/uploads/files/ScreenshotU00202019-05-02U0020atU002017.20.01.png-1696338227168-6uj59.png" alt="Image">

  • I think it's more a question of routing your DAW to Vepro. I can't tell you how to do that on Vepro, as I use a different DAW. But Logic will have a thimg where you select Vepro as the DAW, and also one for the channel. but you also have to assign a channel number to each inst. on Vepro. You can do that either in the main view or mixer view. 

    Also, check out the tutorials from VI, they may even have one specifically for Logic. Also, the Vepro manual.

  • I don't use Logic but, if Logic is like any other DAW, when you have Logic open there should be some function to "Insert Synth," or words to that effect, then a list of all of your available synths should come up and you should see Vienna Ensemble or Vienna instruments in the list. 

    Select Vienna Ensemble and that should open a blank instance of Vienna Ensemble.  Then you would need to route a MIDI track to that instance.  Again, I don't use Logic but each MIDI track should have an input/output option and you should see that VE instance you just inserted.  Select it for the output I'm guessing?