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  • I changed my audio device in Vienna Instruments stand-alone, and now VI crashes my computer

    [url=]Link: DxDiag.txt[/url] Windows 10 (automatic updates turned on), Focusrite USB audio interface (latest version) and USB MIDI keyboard. There was an input lag, so I changedthe device to Focusrite ASIO, in Vienna Instruments, and now when I load the program, my computer freezes and crashes when I load Vienna Instruments. I backed up the registry and uninstalled the Vienna software and deleted a bunch of Vienna registry keys. I re-installed the Vienna software, and VI stand-alone still crashes my computer. What can I do so I can get back into the program without my computer crashing? And once I fixthe program, what settings should I use to reduce the lag? [Edit] Using VI instruments through my DAW still works.

  • Hi, 

    2 options I see: 

    1) Use your Vienna Instruments within Vienna Ensemble as a Standalone option.
    2) Try with a different ASIO driver like


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL