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  • Change port number

    I re-installed some things, and in VE Pro 6 standalone the MIDI input ports changed their order of listing in preferences-MIDI.  So now the previous port 1 is port 2, etc.  

    This completely screws up the port numbers for  all instruments.  Can the order of MIDI ports be changed in preferences,  so that you don't have to go  into each individual  instrument and change the assigned port?

  • From what I can see - unless there is a hidden trick - the answer is no.

    In similar lists of items one can drag the individual item to change the order - but that is not possible here.  

    This would be a desirable feature because all I did was change an audio interface - something fairly ordinary to do.

    Anyway it isn't terribly difficult to change all the port numbers on individual instruments.  

  • Hello William, 

    We have not heard of this one before. 

    To change port numbers of all selected channels, hold down Shift. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul that is good to know.  

    I never had this happen before, but I had uninstalled the original audio interface, put in a new one, then removed it because it was not working. So I re-installed the first interface.  However the new one showed up in the preferences list, even though it  was gone. I didn't see how to uninstall it in Windows 10 as it did not show up in the list of programs for removal, or any list of drivers I could find.  However VE still thought it was there and it was first of the list of audio port options.